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Are they consuming too much or just right?

This is a question parents ask themselves on a daily basis!

When you cook your children pasta, aren’t you concerned about whether the amount is sufficient, and about seeing the whole plate of pasta being eaten in a matter of seconds?

In our daily lives, this goes for everything that we let our children consume. It’s not good to give them too much. But not giving them enough is not any better either.

How can we get it right, especially with the means we have available?

Rule No.1 of the Family Pact committee:
Always ask yourself whether your child really needs it (like my husband with a jar of Nutella, does he really need it?)

Rule No.2 of the Family Pact committee:
Always treat your children by making small gestures (a little happiness in this brutal world is always reassuring)

Rule No.3 of the Family Pact committee:
Always teach them the importance of giving to others, because we all know that this is a real source of happiness.

Yes, the reality we face with our children is that they live in a world driven by consumption—even overconsumption.
But it is still possible to only consume in moderation, to ‘spoil’ oneself with next to nothing, and to share something with others.

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Some parents have asked to be able to allocate the same goal to several children simultaneously and this is now possible.
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When you buy the multifunctional mega robot that you dreamt about for 3 years, do you really think it will also wash your vegetables, peel them and put them in the oven?
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When they were small: “Mommy, look how fast I run!”, “Daddy, look how high I jump!”
Now that they are bigger: “Look, I am soon taller than you!”
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Let us return to this idea of a board of points drawn by the children at the origin of Family Pact.
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“Giving your child appropriate rewards for achievable goals helps him develop into an emotionally healthy adult”, says Dr. Fassler.
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I read everything! Dolto, Almos, Rufo... Positive education, vertical education, advice from my mother, friends.
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Being sometimes outdated by 2 kids is a classic situation. And I know this!
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