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Motivated children, happy parents!

With Family Pact

Everyday life becomes easy and fun!

Discover a fun tool that motivates your children and gives them a sense of responsibility.
1 The Goals
Family Pact provides a set of goals with positive and/or negative points.
2 The Rewards
Family Pact also suggests a rewards list in the form of plans for the family or pocket money.
3 The Pact
It is 100% customisable.
You can set your goals and rewards at any time.
4 Here we go!
Your children record their actions and benefit from the points earned.

Our little daily tips

It's the weekend!

The weekend is also there for using hard-earned points!

A family trip to the cinema is well deserved!

Family Pact - Daily tips - A happy little girl watching a movie in the cinema.

It's always a mad rush!

Take a break, spend a little time chatting with your children about new goals and enjoy peace of mind.

Family Pact - Daily tips - A little boy raises his arms as a sign of victory.


Last night, Victor suggested a new goal "being honest" after being awarded negative points for another action.
A smart way of picking up points.

Family Pact - Daily tips - A playful boy.

A family story

I confess, I’m hooked!

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To my emails more than anything, Facebook a bit and luckily not at all to video games!
That, that’s my husband!
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A completely new experience!

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Some parents have asked to be able to allocate the same goal to several children simultaneously and this is now possible.
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Family Pact promotes communication

Family Pact - Various goals - Picture of a united and smiling family.
It shows that technology can be used to benefit family relationships.

Parents and children must first spend some time discussing the details in order to create their family pact. What are the important rules for each person? Which plans are important to the family?
The parents receive notifications, reminders that allow them to check in on their children and to organise discussions about everyday family matters.

The children commit to the daily goals, taking the initiative and proving themselves through their actions.
Technology acts as the intermediary between the parents and the children and motivates everyone to give their best.

There is a virtual reward fund for the family’s various plans

Small gifts, going swimming, pocket money… parents reward their children in different ways whether it’s material or non-material.
Family Pact allows parents to spell out these good deeds, by adding value to them, showing what should be done for free and involving children in family plans.
The child learns the value of things, and become responsible for making decisions about opportunities and things they would like to do. The child has to make choices with regards to their points budget.